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So We Weren't Supposed to Show Up Naked?

President: Yeah, we took that picture after we went to that stupid place in New York. Remember that?
CEO: Oh yeah, that place… That sex place!
Marketing coordinator: You mean the Museum of Sex?
President: God, yes! You've been there?
Marketing coordinator: Yeah… It was really kind of cool.
CEO: No, no, no, it was bo-ring. There were all these pictures, and words, and art…
Marketing coordinator: Oh, I see your confusion… That was the museum part.

Tacoma, Washington

Overheard by: Not Surprised

And He's Really Abusing Those Balls.

Apathetic nurse: Yeah, we've got one more patient and he's back there playing.
Jealous nurse: What? Who's he playing with?
Apathetic nurse: What are you talking about?
Jealous nurse: What are you talking about?
Apathetic nurse: Ping pong.
Jealous nurse: Oh. I thought you meant something else.
Apathetic nurse: No.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Most Exciting Thing That's Ever Happened in Charlotte, NC

Girl #1, walking into the office: Boys! Sheesh!
Girl #2: What's going on?
Girl #1: The guys are all out there looking at the hole.
Girl #2: What hole?
Girl #1: The guy came to dig up the bushes by the driveway.
Girl #2: Oh, yeah? I didn't even notice they were gone when I pulled in…
Girl #1: They just did it.
Girl #2: In the half-hour I've been here?
Girl #1: They had a big machine that just yanked them up.
Girl #2, moving to front door and looking for hole: Oh, yeah? Hmm…

Charlotte, North Carolina