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…For Sex?

Fe­male cowork­er: Are you busy? Do you have a sec?
Male cowork­er, dis­tract­ed­ly: Sure, I have lots of secs. (looks up, re­al­izes what he just said) Go away and come back and start this con­ver­sa­tion over again, please.
Fe­male cowork­er: Ex­cuse me, but do you have a mo­ment?

Rome, New York

…to Peel My Ba­nanas!

Fe­male teacher: You squashed my ba­nana!
Male teacher: Here, just have my ba­nana.
Fe­male teacher: I don’t want your ba­nana.
Male teacher: Look, just eat my ba­nana.
Fe­male teacher: No!
(male teacher walks away in dis­gust)
Fe­male teacher, shout­ing af­ter him: I on­ly like la­dy fin­gers!

Bar­won Heads