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Would It Have Been Worse If He’d Been Wearing Peep-Toe Pumps?

Cubicle worker #1: I was just next to what I commonly refer to as a “master blaster” in the men’s john a minute ago…
Cubicle worker #2: Go on…
Cubicle worker #1: I think he barely had a chance to get his pants down before the gates of hell opened and all were consumed with fire and explosions of various forms…
Cubicle worker #1: I was trying not to laugh in the stall next door.
Cubicle worker #2: What the fuck!
Cubicle worker #1: It just goes to show. No matter how nice a person’s shoes, they can still be ugly on the inside. His shoes were very nice, after all. A black patent leather cap toe, I believe.
Cubicle worker #2: Everyone shits.
Cubicle worker #1: I didn’t get too good a look in my haste to retreat, lest I have to endure uncomfortable eye contact subsequently.

Moreno Valley, California

Overheard by: Joe P

My Sanity Has Reached Its Final Frontier

Illustrator #1: What is the difference between a libertarian and a Republican?
Illustrator #2: Do you know what a Vulcan is?
Illustrator #1: Uh… I guess, like Mr Spock.
Illustrator #2: Well, a Republican is to a libertarian what a Vulcan is to a Romulan.
Illustrator #1: What the hell is a Romulan?
Illustrator #2: Well, they look like Vulcans, but they are more… Well, on the original show they represented the USSR.
Illustrator #1: So, a libertarian is a communist?
Illustrator #2: Well, no. Okay, do you know what a Centauran is?
Illustrator #1: No, and please don’t tell me.

Greenville, Texas

Overheard by: Michael Philippus

You Do Have to Appreciate That She’s Willing to Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes

50-year-old receptionist, about interviewee: I didn’t like her. The interviewers aren’t going to like her. She’s not going to get the job. I can just tell these things.
Recruiter: What did she do that you didn’t like about her?
50-year-old receptionist: Her shoes were too big for her. Probably a half size, maybe even a whole size too big! Ugh! (rolls eyes)

Houston, Texas

Overheard by: yikes

The Mammograms Are on Me!

Boss on phone: What do you mean she’s canceling the meeting? (pause) Delayed? Why? (pause) She has breast cancer? That’s great! (pause) Oh no! I must have cut out, I said “that’s a great tragedy.” (pause) Well, that must be awful. (pause) I see, well, send her my best. (pause) Thank you, bye now. (to entire office) Cancer just saved my ass! Who wants to go for drinks?

Manhattan, New York

Tonight on The Orifice

Good looking male computer geek: Her nick is “slutpants.” That sounds… promising.
African American geek: Girl, don’t even act like you don’t have a pair of slut pants.
Ginger geek: I’m so slutty I don’t wear pants!
African American geek: You’re gonna get gonorrhea.
Ginger geek: I’d rather get syph. It’s the romantic STD.
Good looking male computer geek: Well, too bad you’re going to get gonorrhea!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania