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Raise Your Hand If You’d Hate Working There

Manager: So to get to know each other a little better I’m going to ask you all to answer this question: if you were an animal, what would it be? I’d be a cat, I think.
Cashier #1: A chinchilla. They’re cute.
Cashier #2: A guinea pig, because they’re awesome.
Cashier #3: A bird, so I could shit on anybody who tried to shit on me.
(long awkward pause)
Manager: Okay. That’s a good answer too.

Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

…You Just Described My Uncle Walter

Middle aged CSR #1: Am I flashing or is it hot in here?
Middle aged CSR #2: It’s not just you. I’m totally flashing, like a retard!
20-something CSR, laughing: You’re flashing like a what?
Middle aged CSR #2: A retard. You know… Like those people who have nothing on underneath their trench coats, and they flash people. You know, those crazy people.

Aliso Viejo, California