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…Any­body Got a Cig­a­rette?

Of­fice hot­tie, af­ter of­fice creep­ster has poked her: Ouch! What was that for?
Of­fice creep­ster: I just al­ways won­dered what it’d be like to poke you.
Of­fice hot­tie: Oh. It did­n’t do much for me. How was it for you?
Of­fice creep­ster: Fuck­ing mag­ic!

New Zealand

Over­heard by: Ki­wibloke

Where the Women Have Their Make-up Per­ma­nent­ly Lasered on

Mid­dle-aged cowork­er, about ap­ply­ing make­up to up­per eye­lids: I can’t do it be­cause my eyes are all squin­ty.
Young Asian cowork­er, jok­ing­ly: Yeah, me ei­ther.
Mid­dle-aged cowork­er, se­ri­ous: But that’s be­cause of where you’re from.
Male cowork­er, walk­ing in: Ox­nard?

Thou­sand Oaks, Cal­i­for­nia