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So Def­i­nite­ly Not the Psy­che­del­ic-Swirl Sheets?

Work­er bee #1: If on­ly the sheets weren’t green…
Coun­selor: Maybe blue sheets?
Work­er bee #2: What’s wrong with green? They’ve been green sheets for years! You could leave to­mor­row and we’d be stuck with pink sheets!
Work­er bee #1: No, I don’t like pink, they would­n’t be pink. Al­so, where am I go­ing?
Work­er bee #2: I don’t know!
Work­er bee #1: Maybe some­thing sassy…
Coun­selor: Well, I’m feel­ing light­head­ed now.

Greens­boro, North Car­oli­na

Over­heard by: stu­dent work­er