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I Do Feel Kinda Special When She Applauds, Though.

Coworker #1: We have a woman janitor now. Things have been awkward to say the least.
Coworker #2: Well, you can't discriminate, though. Women janitors need to work too.
Coworker #1: Nothing like having her walk in on you while you are standing at the urinal…or taking a poop and hear somebody walk in and then walk out. And then when you exit the restroom, she is waiting outside the door with rubber gloves and a can of Lysol.

Fairmont, West Virginia

Shamu: *Rolls Eyes*

Ultra white female peon: Yo, dat Sea World pen is the shit!
Ultra white male peon: What, thisse one?
Ultra white female peon: Nah, man… The Sea World pen! It's da bomb!
Ultra white male peon: Naw, somebody ganked mine!

Conference Way North, Boca Raton FL

Overheard by: Straight Trippin, Boo

She Needs to Stop Spewing Crap About Me

Fat, braless, tattooed, redneck biker-looking kitchen worker: I oughta sue her for defecating my character–talking about me like that!
Incredulous co-worker: Ummm…do you mean defaming?
Fat, braless, tattooed, redneck biker-looking kitchen worker: Yeah…whatever.

Tampa, Florida

Overheard by: donna