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Trust Me. I Used to Date a Ge­nie.

Blonde cowork­er: And I was like “way to throw me un­der the rug!“
Brunette cowork­er: Umm… it’s “un­der the bus.” “Way to throw me un­der the bus.“
Male cowork­er: Get it? It hurts. If you were thrown un­der a bus it would hurt.
Blonde cowork­er: Well, it would hurt if some­one was walk­ing on the rug and you was un­der it!

Man­hat­tan, New York

Over­heard by: jen

Men Car­ry a Whole Dif­fer­ent Set Of Grudges

Male cowork­er #1: Megan* says she’s go­ing to Taco Bell for lunch and she hopes no­body is pissed.
Male cowork­er #2: Why would some­one be pissed?
Male cowork­er #1: Cause she knows that you like some Taco Bell.
Male cowork­er #2: I do,but I cer­tain­ly am not in the busi­ness of de­priv­ing peo­ple of Taco Bell.

Lynch­burg, Vir­ginia

Some Ques­tions De­serve De­tailed An­swers

Cu­ri­ous of­fice work­er: How was your poop?
Man who just fin­ished poop­ing: It was a mag­nif­i­cent log. I could have pad­dled across the At­lantic on it.
Cu­ri­ous of­fice work­er: Just the At­lantic?
Man who just fin­ished poop­ing: Yeah, I’m out of shape.
Cu­ri­ous of­fice work­er: Oh.

Ab­erdeen, Mary­land

And the Na­tion­al En­quir­er Has Nev­er Led Me Astray Be­fore

Con­struc­tion guy #1: I can’t wait to go see Criss An­gel this week­end.
Con­struc­tion guy #2: He’s a freak… He’s a mind freak.
Con­struc­tion guy #1: Yeah. You know why he can do the stuff he does, right? He’s part de­mon.
Con­struc­tion guy #2: Re­al­ly?
Con­struc­tion guy #1: That’s what I heard.

Man­hat­tan, New York