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It’s Bet­ter Not to Know Who’s Han­dling Your Mon­ey

Teller #1: That per­son smelled so bad… I thought I had stepped in poop and then I did­n’t see poop so I thought I was poop­ing and I checked!
Teller #2: What would you have done if you pulled your hand back and there was poop all over it?!
Teller #1: I ain’t know, I was gonna cross that bridge when I got to it, okay?

Charleston, South Car­oli­na

Note My Styl­ish Whole-Body La­tex Uni­tard

Un­well-look­ing man­ag­er, cough­ing: I think I might go home a lit­tle ear­li­er to­day. (coughs) I’m feel­ing a bit fluey.
Para­noid cowork­er: I don’t want the flu–don’t come any­where near me!
Perky cowork­er to man­ag­er: I’ve had the flu vaccination–you can come all over me!


Over­heard by: con­fused but amused