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Nei­ther Did Ronald Rea­gan.

Cowork­er: Name three ad­jec­tives that you think best de­scribe you.
In­tern prospect: Adjectives…is that like “beau­ti­ful”?
Cowork­er: Uh, yeah…
In­tern prospect: Okay: I’m pa­tient, or­ga­nized and I’m a good communicator…but I don’t know how to say that.

In­di­anapo­lis, In­di­ana

Over­heard by: se­ri­ous­ly

It’s Sweet That You Think You’re At­trac­tive, Bon­nie

Cowork­er: Oh, what a cute ba­by! Maybe you’ll have a ba­by that cute!
Preg­nant cowork­er, look­ing at pic of cute ba­by on in­ter­net: I’m not count­ing on it.
Cowork­er: Ummm…why?
Preg­nant cowork­er: Have you ever no­ticed how the most at­trac­tive peo­ple al­ways have the ugli­est ba­bies? Yeah, I am not hav­ing a cute kid.

Port­land, Ore­gon

Over­heard by: Noo­dle

Meet the In­ven­tors Of Copy Lube

Copy ed­i­tor #1: Looks like it’s grown to eight inch­es.
Copy ed­i­tor #2: Eight inch­es? Eight inch­es is just too long.
Copy ed­i­tor #1: I know, we’ll have to cut some­thing from it.
Copy ed­i­tor #2, sigh­ing: I’d hate to do it, but I just want it to fit in there.

Boul­der Av­enue
Tul­sa, Ok­la­homa

Over­heard by: Winc­ing