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Cube dweller #1: Know what I was thinking?
Cube dweller #2, watching hottie walking by: Soft luscious hooters and long muscular legs?
Cube dweller #1: Umm… No. (turns to watch hottie) I should have been, but it was something else.

Woodland Hills, California

Overheard by: Gunboat

…Well, I Don't Mean It in a Sexually Harassing Way, Sir…

Trainee: This customer is mad because we won't cover an accident that happened before he was insured with us. He won't stop yelling!
Trainer: Ha! He's gonna have to suck eggs on that one! Sucks for him. But seriously, go through the facts and dates with him and explain why we won't cover it. Stay calm and apologize. You can do this!
Trainee, to customer: Thank you for holding. This… uh… Okay. My manager says you have to suck eggs, I'm sorry.

Riverview Parkway, San Diego