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Pop Quiz: Which One Is Mor­mon?

Fe­male boss at IT meet­ing: What were you do­ing at lunch that made you so sweaty?
Male de­vel­op­er #1: Just wash­ing my wife’s car.
Male de­vel­op­er #2: So, did you have a good time “wash­ing your wife’s car?”
(every­one laughs)
Fe­male boss: You can wash my car any­time you want.
Male de­vel­op­er #1: Uh… okay.
Fe­male boss: What?

Fayet­teville, Arkansas

…That’s Al­most a Good As Know­ing an Idol Con­tes­tant!

Of­fice la­dy #1: Did you hear? My bud­dy shot and killed some­one Mon­day night.
Of­fice la­dy #2: Uh, what?
Of­fice la­dy #1: Yep, my bud­dy Tex! (scur­ries over to pick up news­pa­per to proud­ly show)
Of­fice la­dy #2: Wow. That’s a bit strange.
Of­fice la­dy #1: I know. Now I know some­one that killed some­body!

Jack­sonville, Flori­da