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Cube dweller #1: Know what I was think­ing?
Cube dweller #2, watch­ing hot­tie walk­ing by: Soft lus­cious hoot­ers and long mus­cu­lar legs?
Cube dweller #1: Umm… No. (turns to watch hot­tie) I should have been, but it was some­thing else.

Wood­land Hills, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: Gun­boat

…Well, I Don’t Mean It in a Sex­u­al­ly Ha­rass­ing Way, Sir…

Trainee: This cus­tomer is mad be­cause we won’t cov­er an ac­ci­dent that hap­pened be­fore he was in­sured with us. He won’t stop yelling!
Train­er: Ha! He’s gonna have to suck eggs on that one! Sucks for him. But se­ri­ous­ly, go through the facts and dates with him and ex­plain why we won’t cov­er it. Stay calm and apol­o­gize. You can do this!
Trainee, to cus­tomer: Thank you for hold­ing. This… uh… Okay. My man­ag­er says you have to suck eggs, I’m sor­ry.

Riverview Park­way, San Diego

Read and Heed, Dear Read­er

Make-up artist: I heard you broke your wiener.
Male per­former: Damn it, who told you? You’re the eighth per­son to ask me that this morn­ing.
Make-up artist: Oh, Mike* told me.
Male per­former: That guy!
Make-up artist: He’s the wiener whis­per­er.

Adult Film Com­pa­ny
San Fran­cis­co, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: fetish­girl