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Be­cause of Co­caine-In­duced Con­sti­pa­tion?

20-ish fe­male cowork­er: I’ve nev­er un­der­stood why peo­ple do lines of coke off of toi­let seats at clubs.
Mid­dle-aged male cowork­er: Well, it’s not as wet as the sink…
20-ish fe­male cowork­er: But is­n’t that dirty?
Mid­dle-aged male cowork­er: No one ever poops at a club.

1054 31st Street NW
Wash­ing­ton, DC

Over­heard by: I pre­fer a ta­ble

Aren’t Shaved Cats Hy­poal­ler­genic?

Woman pe­on: David* al­ways re­minds me of Dr. Evil.
Man pe­on: Just be­cause he is bald?
Woman pe­on: Well, his new­born son has no hair, ei­ther, and looks just like him. It’s just like Mi­ni-Me. All he needs is a shaved cat.
Man pe­on: I nev­er un­der­stood the shaved cat thing. What’s up with a shaved cat? Do you shave your cat?
Woman pe­on: No, I don’t have a cat. I have al­ler­gies.
Man pe­on: Re­al­ly?

Land­ings Dri­ve
Moun­tain View, Cal­i­for­nia