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…Shit– I Broke an Acrylic Nail.

Employee #1, looking at t-shirt designed by Daisy Fuentes with a spanish word printed on it: God, when did Daisy Fuentes become Spanish?
Employee #2: Hasn't she always been Spanish?
Employee #1: No! She thinks she's so cool she can just decide to be Spanish one day.
Employee #2: But her last name sounds Spanish.
Employee #1, pronouncing it wrong: Fuentes? Whatever, that isn't Spanish. She's so fake. God, I hate people that are fake.

Kohl's Department Store

Overheard by: Expect Great Things

Bob Was Never Heard from Again

Office gal: So last night I learned that human skin is essentially an evolutionary trait that allowed us to run!
Office guy: Okay…
Office gal: Cause it has more sweat glands and less fur, which meant we didn't overheat when chasing down prey…
Office guy: Great. (turns to leave)
Office gal: Hey, where are you going?
Office guy: To the bathroom.
Office gal: Okay, but come back because I have more things to tell you about sweat!

Minneapolis, Minnesota