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What­ev­er Hap­pened to “It’s Fun­ny Be­cause It’s True”?

White of­fice dude: What do a roll of sod and a 200-pound white chick have in com­mon?
Mex­i­can of­fice dude: I dun­no. What?
White of­fice dude: Soon­er or lat­er they both get laid by a Mex­i­can.
Mex­i­can of­fice dude: You know, that joke would be re­al­ly fun­ny if it weren’t so true.

Em­ploy­ee Park­ing Garage
Down­ers Grove, Illi­nois

Can You Ask Derek in Ac­count­ing If He Wants to Join Me?

Fe­male cowork­er: You’re my best friend and I love you and all but I just re­al­ly don’t want to Wikipedia Greek porn with you ever again.
Male cowork­er: It’s not porn, it’s art! They’re etch­ings.
Fe­male cowork­er: What­ev­er. Ewwww.
Male cowork­er: Se­ri­ous­ly. Wow. Ewww. (looks around room) Um­mm, yeah, I think I need to go cry in the ex­ec­u­tive show­er.

Chan­dler, Ari­zona

Lit­tle Did I Know It Was a Splen­da Snick­ers

Ed­i­tor (talk­ing about di­a­bet­ic col­league): So, around five o’­clock he walks by and he’s hold­ing a can­dy bar–a Snickers–and I’m like, what is this? Sui­cide? If he goes in­to con­vul­sions, I’m just go­ing to gath­er my stuff and stroll out of here.

Stafford, New Jer­sey

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