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And the Best Part of a Married Man's Day

Phil: I just got back from the restroom… Harry was in a stall talking to somebody on the cell phone while shitting. Farting and flushing and talking. Then he didn't even wash his hands on the way out. Remind me to never ever ever borrow his phone.
Dan: I couldn't talk to somebody and poop at the same time. My poop time is my private time.

Huntsville, Alabama

I Told Her She Has to Be at Least 14 Before She Does That

Admin assistant #1 (talking about her daughter's day camp): When I pick her up, I'm going to complain to the camp office. The counselors have these kids eating bugs as a fun, Fear Factor type of activity!
Admin assistant #2: Did your kid eat a bug?
Admin assistant #1: Yeah! Yesterday, she said she ate a butterfly!
Admin assistant #2: A butterfly? That's like eating a baby!

Fairfield, Ohio

Don't Think for a Minute That Going Gay Will Help

Sales manager to marketing manager: Isn't it sad when you've spent so much time talking on the phone to customers during the day that you don't want to talk to your wife when you get home?
Marketing manager: No.
Sales manager to recently engaged co-worker: See, this is what you have to look forward to. During the first year you'll argue like crazy, then after that… You won't care anymore.


Overheard by: M&M