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If You Steal Oth­er Peo­ple’s Sta­plers, You De­serve at Least a Co­ma

Of­fice guy: I mean, I would­n’t wish death on any­one, but if we came back from break and she died… I’d be se­cret­ly hap­py.
Of­fice girl: Yeah. Like, if I had to choose some­one in the of­fice to die–
Of­fice guy: –It would be her.
Of­fice girl: To­tal­ly.
Of­fice guy: Any­way, have a love­ly Christ­mas!
Of­fice girl: You, too! Hap­py hol­i­days!


Clear and Yel­low­ish? Sounds Sus­pi­cious to Me.

Of­fice girl #1: Where were you yes­ter­day!
Of­fice girl #2: I was sick, sor­ry.
Of­fice girl #1: Sick with what?
Of­fice girl #2: Head cold… My nose was run­ning re­al­ly bad.
Of­fice girl #1: Oh, yeah? What col­or was the snot?
Of­fice girl #2: Um­mm… Clear-yel­low­ish-like.
Of­fice girl #1: No in­fec­tion — you could have come in!

8220 Eng­land Street
Char­lotte, North Car­oli­na

Over­heard by: Why would she an­swer that??