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And the In­dus­try Award for Low­est Ab­sen­teeism Goes To…

Cowork­er #1: He could­n’t get it up?
Cowork­er #2: No, he could­n’t get hard.
Cowork­er #1: Wow, I can at least get hard.
Cowork­er #2: It was his first shoot. They gave him Vi­a­gra and en­er­gy drinks and the girl sucked and rubbed him for an hour but he could­n’t get hard. Then the di­rec­tor fired him and asked if any­one if could keep it hard for two hours.
Cowork­er #1: Did you vol­un­teer?
Cowork­er #2: No, I can stay hard for an hour but not two. But a cam­era­man did. I felt bad for the girl, she was just 18 and it was her first shoot and the cam­era­man was like 60.
Cowork­er #1: Damn. I wish I had­n’t called in sick.

Porn Shoot
Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: she was ug­ly

Go Walk 26 Miles and Come Talk to Me

Co-work­er #1: Are you do­ing the Chica­go marathon this year?
Co-work­er #2: No. I would but I’m al­ready do­ing an­oth­er marathon this year and do­ing two marathons in one year is just too much.
Co-work­er #3: How hard is it to train for a marathon? Left, right, left, right, re­peat!

Chica­go, Illi­nois