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Who the Hell Hired You, Any­way?

Op­er­a­tions man­ag­er: What are some of your goals?
New hire: I want to have ba­bies!
Op­er­a­tions man­ag­er: Ok… Do you have any goals in re­gards to your fu­ture with our com­pa­ny?
New hire: Sure, I want to do my job right, but I was re­al­ly just born to have ba­bies.

Dal­las Park­way

Over­heard by: Ad­dy

In Fair­ness, the Em­ploy­ee Is 83 Per­cent Cor­rect

Of­fice drone #1: Where is the Pen­ta­gon?
Of­fice drone #2: It is in Wash­ing­ton, DC…
Of­fice drone #1: Oh! Is­n’t it that big hexa­gon shaped build­ing?
Of­fice man­ag­er: [Walk­ing away] Oh Je­sus fuck­ing Christ…

Wash­ing­ton Av­enue
Port­land, Maine

Over­heard by: bri­an brine­gar

Fine, Die, You Ran­dom Son of a Bitch

Of­fice crony #1: Did you hear about the mid-air col­li­sion in Cal­i­for­nia?
Of­fice crony #2: Briefly, why?
Of­fice crony #1: I won­der if there’s any­one out in Cal­i­for­nia I don’t like?
Of­fice crony #2: I don’t think so.
Of­fice crony #1: Just my luck…

West Cum­mings Park
Woburn, Mass­a­chu­setts

Over­heard by: Chuck­ie Choo