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The Work­shop Re­quired Them All to Cro­chet “Fags Is the Best Girl­friends” on Lit­tle Pil­lows

Black fe­male cowork­er: Oooh, hon­ey, I love me some fags. Fags is the best girl­friends.
White queer cowork­er: That’s ’cause we all want to be black women!
White fe­male cowork­er: Can the rest of us get work­place di­ver­si­ty hours for lis­ten­ing to this shit?

Colum­bus, Ohio

Over­heard by: Gig­gling in my cube

I’m Even Mak­ing the Grooms­men Get Their Backs Waxed

Man­ag­er: We’re get­ting mar­ried in Gibral­tar.
De­sign­er: Oh, that sounds nice.
Man­ag­er: You know, you’ve heard of Gibral­tar. Rocks… Mon­keys… Ex­cept I don’t like mon­keys. I don’t want mon­keys in my wed­ding!

UNC-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Car­oli­na