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Why We Have to Wear ID Badges at Work

Male pe­on: Hold on, let me see if I can fig­ure out who that per­son is. [Puts caller on hold.] Hey, guys, who is Er­i­ca*?
Fe­male pe­on: The girl who worked here all sum­mer.
Male pe­on: Oh. [Picks up phone.] She went back to school.

Prov­i­dence, Rhode Is­land

Over­heard by: We work in a very small of­fice…

No, Sor­ry, I Still Don’t Get It

Su­per­vi­sor: I’ve al­ways won­dered where the 13th floor is.
Em­ploy­ee #1: They just call thir­teen ‘four­teen.‘
Su­per­vi­sor: I know that. But where is it? Is it just an emp­ty space that the el­e­va­tor skips?
Em­ploy­ee #2: Yeah, like, is it just com­plete­ly un­fin­ished and emp­ty on that floor?
Em­ploy­ee #1: No, the 14th floor is ac­tu­al­ly the 13th floor, they just skip the num­ber 13 be­cause peo­ple are afraid of it.
Su­per­vi­sor, skep­ti­cal­ly: Mm­mm.

At­lanta, Geor­gia

Over­heard by: Aaargh

“The Truth? He Gives Great Foot Mas­sages, but Oth­er­wise…”

Em­ploy­ee: Uh­hh, I got a job of­fer from an­oth­er com­pa­ny… And I want to quit…
Boss: What?! How much did they of­fer you?!
Em­ploy­ee: Um­mm, two times more than I get here.
Boss: Did you tell them that you’re a slack­er?
Em­ploy­ee: Nope, but I told ’em that you ap­pre­ci­ate my work so much that you want­ed to raise my salary two times.
Boss: Bull­shit! Give me their phone num­ber and I’ll tell them the truth about you! And al­so, you’re fired!

Tole­do, Ohio

Over­heard by: jul­ly­lul­ly