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Time to Stop Having Dinner at Mel Gibson’s House

Jewish manager: I got your e-mail about XYZ Spring Company* not being able to make that spring.
Office girl: Yeah, those dirty– Ugh!
Jewish manager: It’s okay, it’s okay!
Office girl: They just keep quoting stuff, and when I give them an order they decide they can’t do it because they are little pieces–! Ugh! Never mind!
Jewish manager: Are you okay?
Office girl: Yeah… I’m just trying to be Christian today.
Jewish manager: … Good for you. [Walks away.]Office girl, from a distance: I need to say more things in my head. I think I’m fired now.

8220 England Street
Charlotte, North Carolina

I Look Forward to Your Sermon This Sunday

UPS guy: Wow. Don’t you look fancy today!
Man in office: Nah, these are actually my stripping clothes.
UPS guy: Oh, really? The ladies must love that.
Man in office: Yeah, they have a Velcro crotch. It’s pretty awesome.
UPS guy: Whelp, see you later.

1160 Pioneer Road
Salt Lake City, Utah

I Haven’t Received Any Complaint Messages

Coworker #1, to editor: Do you know where the call-in phone number on the back of XYZ Publication* goes to?
Coworker #2: I have no idea.
Coworker #1: Well, [boss] called the other day and asked where it went to. I called it just now, and it answers with the voice of Dana*, but she hasn’t worked here in seven months!
Coworker #2, looking at Dana’s empty desk area: I guess that it just goes to her phone, and whoever gets that extension will get all of the messages.
Coworker #1: So it doesn’t matter to you that readers might be calling in and leaving messages that are not being returned?
Coworker #2: No.

45 Leveroni Court
Novato, California

… In a Cardboard Box Labeled “Sports Equipment”

40-ish cube dweller #1: Hey, do you have a Star Trek costume I can borrow?
40-ish cube dweller #2: Why are you asking me? Why didn’t you ask Kevin*? What makes you think that I have one?
40-ish cube dweller #1: Well, do you?
40-ish cube dweller #2: Yes. [Very long pause.] But only the shirt. It’s a blue one like Spock wore. I also have the tricorder and the gold sash from the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ episode. I’ll bring it in tomorrow.

Lexington Street
Baltimore, Maryland