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Ooo, Sac­ri­lege!

An­noy­ing IT guy be­hind par­ti­tion: Yo, dude, I need god sta­tus on this site so I can make changes.(laughs to him­self) Hey, I need god sta­tus. (an­oth­er em­ploy­ee en­ters the room) Hey, yo, I need god sta­tus on this site. God sta­tus. (laughs again)
Qui­et IT girl on oth­er side of par­ti­tion: Shut up!

Raleigh, North Car­oli­na

I Refuse to Pro­cre­ate with Him ‘Til He Gets This Straight

Cowork­er #1, hang­ing up the phone: I can’t be­lieve it’s six o’­clock, I should be go­ing home and I’m here on the phone talk­ing to Steve* about chick­en eggs!
Cowork­er #2: Why?
Cowork­er #1: I don’t know, he thinks the yolks mean they’re fer­til­ized.

Austin, Texas

Over­heard by: that’s not how eggs work