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What? I’m Be­ing Iron­ic!

Bill: I wish we had a bar like Cheers where every­one knows your name.
Shawn: Maybe we could wear nametags next time we go to a hap­py hour?
Howard: We wore nametags at your com­pa­ny’s hap­py hour fundrais­er and no one re­mem­bered shit.
Shawn: Hey!
Bill: That’s be­cause the em­ploy­ees of Shawn’s com­pa­ny are slow in the head.
Shawn: Okay, we may be slow, but at least we aren’t uh… (pause) I’ll think of some­thing (scratch­es head) just give me a minute.

Wash­ing­ton, DC

Over­heard by: Man­age­ment Nin­ja!

She’s What Hap­pens When the Wit­ness Re­lo­ca­tion Peo­ple Smoke Too Much Pot

PA: Buffy Capri, please call the op­er­a­tor, Buffy Capri.
Sec­re­tary #1: Who the hell is Buffy Capri?
Sec­re­tary #2: I don’t know. An ex­ot­ic dancer or a porn star?
Sec­re­tary #1: Buffy Capri, you’re want­ed on the li­do deck.
Sec­re­tary #3: She’s a para­le­gal. With a dumb name.

At­lanta, Geor­gia