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By the Time You Get to the Racism, It’s Almost Refreshing

Accounting drone: Is someone eating fucking jockstraps and dirty socks now? There really needs to be some kind of restrictions on the food people are allowed to eat in here. How about a guideline like: “If it smells like a dead hooker, treat it like a dead hooker and eat it in your car.”? Thank god we don’t have any Indian programmers.

Milwaukee Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Of Course, If the Taxpayers Foot the Bill, It’s a War

Front desk agent #1: So anything involving more than five people is considered a gang-bang then, since you don’t have “five-some”. That just sounds weird.
Front desk agent #2: It has to do more with the girl-to-guy ratio. If the ratio is close to one to one, then it’s an orgy. Otherwise, it’s a gang-bang.


Overheard by: Lobby Patron