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At Least You Skipped the “Analyst” Part of My Title

Admin: Here’s your new door tag.
Advisor: “Stud serv prog coord”? That’s my new title?
Admin: Well, it’s abbreviated.
Advisor: Can we make the text smaller so it’s not abbreviated?
Admin: Why? You don’t want to be a stud service?
Advisor: I’m afraid they wouldn’t get their money’s worth.

Lake Road
Merced, California

Overheard by: sooo true.

We Hope You’ll Come in and Be Judged by Us Again Soon

(Woman puts groceries on checkstand, including home pregnancy test.)
Male clerk: Man, I have been selling a lot of these lately!
(Woman laughs nervously.)
Male clerk to female clerk, waving test in the air: Haven’t you been selling a lot of these?
Female clerk: Yeah, I have! It must be spring, you know how people get!
(Woman is now horrified.)
Male clerk, handing woman her groceries: Well, good luck either way!

Phoenix, Arizona

Overheard by: Really? Really?