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They Seem to Think They Come from Dif­fer­ent ‘Coun­tries’

Of­fice vet #1: Lisa* was show­ing me how to use chop­sticks at lunch to­day, you know, cause she’s Asian.
Of­fice vet #2: Lisa*?
Of­fice vet #1: You know, the girl we work with in third party…I don’t know what kind of Asian she is, ap­par­ent­ly there’s dif­fer­ent kinds, you know…

St. Paul Plaza
Bal­ti­more, Mary­land

Peo­ple With No Short-Term Mem­o­ry Should­n’t Use the Phone

CSR: Click on the num­ber on the left hand side.
Cus­tomer: Okay.
CSR: Okay, did that take you to a dif­fer­ent page?
Cus­tomer: You want me to type in the num­ber?
CSR: No, click on the num­ber.
Cus­tomer: Okay.
CSR: Did that take you to a dif­fer­ent page?
Cus­tomer: No.
CSR: Did you click on the num­ber?
Cus­tomer: I did­n’t click on any­thing.
CSR: Click on the num­ber.
Cus­tomer: What num­ber?

Boston, Mass­a­chu­setts

Over­heard by: loves three way call­ing and the mute but­ton