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“Chill”? Inappropriate Tone? That Monster!

Lady peon: I had a third thing to mention to you.
Manager: Okay, go ahead.
Lady peon: When I was on the phone with Susan*, she got mad at me. She told me to chill in a very inappropriate tone.
Manager: Uh-huh.
Lady peon: I think she’ll sabotage your party over this. I think she’s gone around the bend.
Manager: You think she’s gone around the bend?

Paramus, New Jersey

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Seems Like a Lot of Work to Get Another Job, Though

Designer: … And then [the director] said, ‘What else did you accomplish today?’ Can you believe that?!
Writer: What the hell business is it of his what you do here?
Designer: And so what if I did go to lunch with you for three hours? Is that a crime? Can a man not waste a little time on the company dollar anymore? What the hell kind of place is this becoming?!
Writer: I ask myself that everyday.

16340 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona

Seems Like These Rangers Been “Lone” Too Long

Male employee: Well, I guess we’re the last ones here.
Female employee: Yeah, we’re like… the Lone Rangers.
Male employee: Oh, yeah? Who gets to be Tonto?
Female employee: I don’t know. Who was he, again?
Male employee: The Indi– Native American.
Female employee: Oh. Well, all he wore was a loincloth.
Male employee: That’s not gonna be me, then.
Female employee, looking down at her large breasts: It sure isn’t going to be me! … Besides, I’d rather be a horse… Look, that didn’t come out right, okay?

Scott A.F.B

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