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Tell Him This Is No Way to Treat His Moth­er

Sales­man on phone: Yes, I’m call­ing to speak to Stan*.
Guy an­swer­ing phone: One mo­ment, I’ll see if he’s in the of­fice. [Muf­fled] Stan, there’s some­one on the phone for you. What should I tell them?
Stan: No, tell them I’m not here.
Guy an­swer­ing phone, to sales­man: I’m sor­ry, sir, he must have stepped out. Hhe’s not in the shop.
Sales­man: Are you kid­ding? I could hear you yell, ‘Stan, there’s some­one on the phone for you,’ and then he yelled back, ‘Tell them I’m not here…‘
Guy an­swer­ing phone: Oh, sor­ry… Yeah, I should have mut­ed it. Yeah, he’s ac­tu­al­ly in the show­er right now and can’t get to the phone.
Sales­man: … I’ll call back lat­er.

Ot­tawa, On­tario

Over­heard by: An­drew