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People without Boundaries Need Special Handling

Friendly worker guy: Hey, you guys — I just took one sip of this energy drink and I don’t really want it. Does anyone want it? [No one answers. A few minutes later] Hey, you guys — there is a lot of turkey on this sandwich. Does anyone want some?
Normal worker guy: Hey, you guys — I’ve had this peanut M&M in my mouth for four days. Does anyone want it?

12th Street
New York, New York

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Does It Mean I Can Stop Wearing Heels?

50-ish lady peon: Oh, honey, you don’t have to lift those boxes!
20-ish lady peon: No, it’s okay, I really don’t mind. They’re not very heavy.
50-ish lady peon: But that shows on a woman later in life!
20-ish lady peon: Shows? What do you mean?
50-ish lady peon: Well, you know, makes you big… Like the She-Hulk, or that hermaphrodite wrestler! You don’t want people thinking you’re not a woman, do you?

University of North Carolina, 208 Raleigh Street
Chapel Hill, North Carolina