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Are You Immune to Postal Death Rays? We’re Hiring!

Girl: One stamp please. [Crusty mail lady puts Christmas stamp on envelope.] Oh, ummm, does it need to be that one? [Crusty mail lady shoots death rays with eyes.] But they’re Jewish! [More death rays.] But I’m asking them for a job! [Crusty mail lady rips off Christmas stamp and replaces with flower stamp.] Ummm…
Crusty mail lady: Fifty-one cents.

Post office

Overheard by: Jen

I Knew It!

Engineer #1: So, what do you think?
Engineer #2: About what?
Engineer #1: I never knew that they made clip-on ties in such a variety of colors.
Tech lead, wearing bright purple, non-clip-on tie: Haha… Aye. Very funny.
Engineer #2: Yeah, I need to strap one on this weekend.

Cranberry, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: Slappy

Or Should It Go Under “B” for “Bubble”?

Admin: We received a brochure for a fog and bubble machine in the mail today… This is cool! Why are they sending us this?
Coworker: Oh, Alan* saw that at the trade show and wanted it. If we had a bubble party, would you show up in a bikini?
Admin: Of course! We’ll file this under ‘Awesome.’

San Luis Obispo, California

Overheard by: blueangelrock

The Meter Is Running Even As We Speak

Incompetent project manager, after asking redundant questions: Um… Are you going to charge this time to my project?
Competent cube dweller: Oh, yeah, I’m gonna charge this! I’m gonna charge the fuck outta this project!

940 6th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta

Overheard by: Carver Stone