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Are You Im­mune to Postal Death Rays? We’re Hir­ing!

Girl: One stamp please. [Crusty mail la­dy puts Christ­mas stamp on en­ve­lope.] Oh, um­mm, does it need to be that one? [Crusty mail la­dy shoots death rays with eyes.] But they’re Jew­ish! [More death rays.] But I’m ask­ing them for a job! [Crusty mail la­dy rips off Christ­mas stamp and re­places with flower stamp.] Um­mm…
Crusty mail la­dy: Fifty-one cents.

Post of­fice

Over­heard by: Jen

I Knew It!

En­gi­neer #1: So, what do you think?
En­gi­neer #2: About what?
En­gi­neer #1: I nev­er knew that they made clip-on ties in such a va­ri­ety of col­ors.
Tech lead, wear­ing bright pur­ple, non-clip-on tie: Ha­ha… Aye. Very fun­ny.
En­gi­neer #2: Yeah, I need to strap one on this week­end.

Cran­ber­ry, Penn­syl­va­nia

Over­heard by: Slap­py

Or Should It Go Un­der “B” for “Bub­ble”?

Ad­min: We re­ceived a brochure for a fog and bub­ble ma­chine in the mail to­day… This is cool! Why are they send­ing us this?
Cowork­er: Oh, Alan* saw that at the trade show and want­ed it. If we had a bub­ble par­ty, would you show up in a biki­ni?
Ad­min: Of course! We’ll file this un­der ‘Awe­some.’

San Luis Obis­po, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: bluean­gel­rock

Our Spy Was Mis­tak­en. These Were Ac­tu­al­ly Con­gress­men

Main­te­nance man #1: Oooh, my date last night had some fine tit­ties.
Main­te­nance man #2: Yes siree, when we hooked up I loved me some of them.
Main­te­nance man #3: I’ve seen bet­ter than hers. [Ges­tur­ing to passer­by] Look at those. But I guess I’d have to see them naked to re­al­ly com­pare.

Of­fice build­ing, House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives
Wash­ing­ton, DC

The Me­ter Is Run­ning Even As We Speak

In­com­pe­tent project man­ag­er, af­ter ask­ing re­dun­dant ques­tions: Um… Are you go­ing to charge this time to my project?
Com­pe­tent cube dweller: Oh, yeah, I’m gonna charge this! I’m gonna charge the fuck out­ta this project!

940 6th Av­enue SW
Cal­gary, Al­ber­ta

Over­heard by: Carv­er Stone