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Yep, the Bad Samaritan Is Straight

Garbage man to another: I was driving a truck on the on-ramp and I seen a naked guy runnin’ alongside the freeway. I yelled at him, ‘Yeah! Way to go! Naked people are cool!’ It wasn’t like it gave me a chub or anything.

Garbage company
San Francisco, California

Overheard by: the dispatcher whose heard it all

Plus, They’re Doing Amazing Things with GPS These Days

Indian woman: I gave my 11-year-old son his introduction to sex last night.
White woman: Uh… What did you do with him?
Indian woman: I explained to him everything he needed to know. It’s part of our traditions.
White woman: You explained to him about orgasms, and where the clitoris is?
Indian woman: Oh, yes, and I was quite surprised to find out how much he already knew.
White woman: Such as…?
Indian woman: He told me he knew what the G-spot was, and how to find it.
White woman: Where would an 11-year-old boy learn about things like that?
Indian woman: From his friends. Many of them have sisters and mothers who they have seen in the nude.
White woman: Well, uh, good luck.

DMV office
Westbury, New York

Overheard by: Big Larry