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That Thing Filled Up Years Ago!

European boss: Okay, James* — make reservations for us at the Mayflower.
American lab member #1: What? The Mayflower?
European boss: Yes, isn’t that what we decided?
American lab member #1: You mean the Wildflower?
European boss: Yeah, the Mayflower.
American lab member #2: The Wildflower, not the Mayflower.
European boss: Right, right. Wait… What is the Mayflower? Oh, yeah, that boat.

Clinical Sciences research building
St. Louis, Missouri

The Less I Know about Christmas, the Better

Blonde desk assistant: When is Christmas this year?
Editor: Tuesday, I think.
Blonde desk assistant: No, I mean what day? Like, the 25th?
Editor: Um… Yeah. The 25th.
Blonde desk assistant: But I thought that was Christmas Eve! When is Christmas Eve, then? [Editor stares.] Give me a break — I’m a Jew.

TV station broadcast center
New York, New York

Overheard by: News Bunny

The Odds Are Against It

Customer: Do you guys have any rooms available?
Front desk: No, sir. Unfortunately, we are completely sold out. If you like, I can give you the number of a few hotels in the area that have availability.
Customer, leaving and giving the finger: Does it look like I have a goddamn phone on me?
Front desk: I’d be more than happy to call them for you, sir.
Customer: Fuck you.
Front desk: Okay, sir. Have a wonderful night.

Elmira, New York