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So Do Not Call Me

Boss point­ing to bath­room stall: If you need me, I’ll be in my of­fice, ha­ha.
Em­ploy­ee: Um, I’m not gonna ask you any­thing while you’re tak­ing a shit.
Boss: Oh, I’m not tak­ing a shit. I’m just gonna sit in there and play Tetris on my phone.

Dex­ter Av­enue
Seat­tle, Wash­ing­ton

Some­day He’ll Have His Own In­terns to Tor­ment

Sci­en­tist #1 to in­tern, smack­ing him in the face with a la­tex glove: I chal­lenge you to a du­el! [In­tern rolls his eyes and walks away.] In­terns these days — they don’t have a sense of hu­mor.
Sci­en­tist #2: Does it re­al­ly mat­ter? He could be a psy­cho se­r­i­al killer, but as long as he does my work for me I don’t re­al­ly care.

701 East Pratt Street
Bal­ti­more, Mary­land

But the First Step Is Not Ad­mit­ting You Have a Prob­lem

Staffer: I just left Pub­lix and my cashier’s name was Kar­toon.
HR man­ag­er: Oh, yeah! My wife was telling me about her. Do you think her par­ents meant to name her ‘Khar­toum,’ af­ter the coun­try in Africa?
Staffer: I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a pop­u­lar name from her par­ents’ na­tive coun­try.
HR man­ag­er: Oh, you mean she’s not black?
Staffer: What? No, she’s Asian.
HR man­ag­er: Oh. Was I stereo­typ­ing just now?
Staffer: Um­mm, yeah, a lit­tle bit… You are so in the right pro­fes­sion.

Hilton Head, South Car­oli­na