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While I’m a Cor­nell Grad

White cus­tomer point­ing at Fil­ipino bag boy: Is he black, or is he white?! I just can’t tell…
Cashier: Um, he’s Fil­ipino.
White cus­tomer: I don’t care what re­li­gion he is, I just wan­na know his race.
Cashier: He’s Fil­ipino.
White cus­tomer: No won­der you’re just a cashier.

Pig­gly Wig­gly
Far­mville, North Car­oli­na

How We Deal with So­cial­ists

Man­ag­er: Man, you guys from Al­aba­ma are hard-core putting some­one get­ting the chair on the back of your quar­ter.
Boss from Al­aba­ma: That’s not some­one get­ting the chair — that’s He­len Keller!
Man­ag­er: You guys elec­tro­cut­ed He­len Keller?!

Cam­pus Point Dri­ve
San Diego, Cal­i­for­nia

What I Meant to Say Was I’m Pro Racial Seg­re­ga­tion

Girl: I don’t know, I just hate it when they mixed the col­oreds and the whites.
Ran­dom passer­by: What?
Girl, loud­ly: What? Ohhh! I mean Christ­mas lights! I swear. I like hous­es that are all dec­o­rat­ed the same way.
Friend: Just stop talk­ing.
Girl: I am such a dip­shit.

43 Leonard Street
Bel­mont, Mass­a­chu­setts

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