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Brain Food?

Guy: Do you think it’s possible to be allergic to… you know?
Girl: No, I don’t know…
Guy: Sure you do.
Girl: No, I don’t know what ‘you know’ is!
Guy: Yes, you know!
Girl: What? You mean, like, condoms?
Guy: No, like you know — vagina…
Girl: Why on earth would anybody be allergic to vagina?!
Guy: Cause, you know, it’s like fish.

Customer service call center
Montreal, Quebec

Overheard by: MBN

Unfortunately, I Predict Six More Weeks of This Conversation

Administrative assistant: You know how they choose the pope with those smoke signals?
Staff member: Yeah…
Administrative assistant: It’s kind of like Groundhog’s Day, isn’t it?
Staff member: Wait, what? The movie or the holiday?
Administrative assistant: Duh, the holiday! What would the movie have to do with the pope?
Staff member: Well, what does the holiday have to do with the pope?
Administrative assistant: What?

Willamette Boulevard
Portland, Oregon

Overheard by: Jenny