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As It Is, My Thighs Are Bad­ly Chafed

Cowork­er #1: I saw you on the train this morn­ing. You should have sat with me.
Cowork­er #2: Why did­n’t you say hel­lo when we got off?
Cowork­er #1: You were, like, speed rac­er walk­ing to­wards the build­ing, and I wad­dle. Wad­dlers can on­ly move so fast, and I had maxed out.

Long Is­land, New York

Over­heard by: A Fel­low Wad­dler

That Means It Likes You

Stu­dent hand­ing back pro­fes­sor eval­u­a­tion: Sor­ry about the goo — it’s just from when my com­put­er oozes, you know–
TA: –Your com­put­er oozes? That does­n’t sound like a good thing…
Stu­dent: No, it on­ly oozes when it’s hot!

1156 High Street
San­ta Cruz, Cal­i­for­nia