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It’s Possible You Won’t Believe What You See

Shipping clerk: I have a package here for you.
Asian scientist: What is in the box?
Shipping clerk: I don’t know, but it’s probably cells, since it says ‘dry ice.’
Asian scientist: But what’s in the box?
Shipping clerk: Why don’t we take it to the lab and open the box?
Asian scientist: Okay, but what’s in the box?
American scientist: I think that’s the stuff you ordered.
Asian scientist: Oh, yes, okay. But what can possibly be in the box?

Columbus, Ohio

Everyone Who Looks at You Will Smile

Gate agent: How cute you look in your outfit, Maria*!
Ramp agent in fluorescent jumpsuit, heading out to Tarmac: I look like a gigantic yellow highlighter.

Boarding area, JetBlue flight to JFK
Palm Beach, Florida

Overheard by: Rich Mintz

Now, Would You Stop Bench-Pressing Me?

Supervisor to file clerk: You know, I really don’t see you in the corporate workplace at all… I see you somewhere doing something violent like the American Gladiators or something.

101 South 5th Street
Louisville, Kentucky

Overheard by: Candice