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Listening Is the Critical Skill in Sales

Customer: Do you carry mattresses? [Sales woman looks confused.] Mattresses… Beds… Can you tell me where those are?
Sales woman, pointing at elevators: Oh, yes, right over there.
Customer, speaking slowly: No, I said, ‘Where are the mattresses?’ The beds… What floor?
Sales woman: Oh, I don’t think we carry those. I thought you said ‘elevator.’

Department store, Paramus Mall
Nyack, New York

Overheard by: RobynPuff79

Sheer Force of Will

Geriatric waitress: Hi, how y’all doin’?
College guy: Great. You?
Geriatric waitress: Ehhh, I’m a little stoned. Gotta do something to put up with these drunk assholes and teenagers.
College guy: Sweet.
Geriatric waitress: You kids like Michael Jackson? Heard he was touring again.
College girl: Oh, yeah! I heard about that. I’m pretty stoked.
Geriatric waitress: Me, too! I loved his music. But geez, how can a gorgeous black man turn into an ugly and scary-lookin’ white girl?

Pancake place, Cherry Hill Road
College Park, Maryland

Overheard by: High On Life

Then He’d Play with Them in His Crib

Disgruntled boy: … And they put the birth control education flyer up on my locker! My locker! I’m pretty sure that violates–
Overeager Spanish teacher, popping up from behind desk: –Oh! Oh! My mother used to put condoms under my brother’s pillow! We all called her the ‘Birth Control Fairy’!

High school
Livingston, Montana

Overheard by: Finally appreciates the tooth fairy