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Reader Poll: Who’s Your Office Kevin?

Receptionist answering phone: XYZ Law Firm*. How can I help you?
Assistant, on the phone: Hey, it’s Kevin*. While I’m buying supplies, can I get myself some candy?
Receptionist: No, just get what’s on the list.
Assistant: But last time I got candy and everyone liked it.
Receptionist: No, no candy.
Assistant: Okay. Um, about the light bulbs… Did you want me to buy frosted or clear ones?
Receptionist: I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Just get the clear.
Assistant: Yeah… Um, no. They don’t have any clear.

2223 East Speedway Boulevard
Tucson, Arizona

But I’m Thinking There Should Be

Office girl on the phone with boyfriend: So, my therapist says that I’m doing a great job. He said I could be the poster girl for mentally ill people who are successful because I take my meds, go to work, have a healthy relationship and stuff, you know? And I was totally flattered and agreeing with him, but then I thought, ‘You know, my parents are proud of me and stuff, but they wouldn’t want the world knowing I’m psycho, and it would probably embarrass them a little.’ So my doctor looks at me and says, ‘Um, you know there’s not really a poster girl, right?’

214 Lincoln Street
Allston, Massachusetts

I May Have Given Him One of the Kids

Cube rat: Dude, I got so drunk last night! I ran into this guy I haven’t seen in 20 years — he owns a tow truck. I got so drunk that he put my car on the truck and drove me home!

2300 Crystal Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Overheard by: Sober but Empathetic

Thanks for Sharing

Secretary on phone: No, I haven’t been well lately. I’ve had a bout of shingles all summer. From my breast bone to my hip, all down my right side… Shingles! No, shingles! Do you know what that is? It’s herpes! All down my right side!

1 Beacon Street
Boston, Massachusetts