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Back Up — the Direction of the Earth’s Axis?

Supervisor: We can’t say ‘Summer Solutions’ on this brochure, because it might confuse people in California because it’s summer all the time there. Any ideas of how to reword this?
Staffer: It’s not summer all the time in California. It’s summer during summer time.
Supervisor: But it’s warm all year round, so how do they know it’s summer? We need a way to explain that these things are only intended for the summer.
Staffer: But they still know what summer is, even if it’s still warm during the other seasons.
Supervisor: I’m not sure about that…
Staffer: Summer isn’t about temperature, it’s about the direction of Earth’s axis. Summer is always in June, July, and August. It always starts with the solstice in June.
Supervisor: I don’t know anything about solstices and all that. Let’s just reword this.
Staffer: But California still has a summer. I’m telling you, they know what summer is.
Supervisor: I don’t know. They might get confused.
Staffer: Confused about what?
Supervisor: Confused about when summer is. Like, it’s summer right now, ’cause it’s been warm lately.
Staffer: No… April is in the spring.


Overheard by: rofl in cube next door

Unless, of Course, You Don’t Own a Dog

English teacher: Nice shirt.
Manager: Tell me about it… It’s laundry day.
Italian teacher: Oh god, I hate laundry day. I always run out of underwear and have to wear nothing under my skirt. I’m terrified that the dog will stick his face up my vagina… You know, literally.
Manager: Yeah, I don’t think there is a way to mean that in a non-literal sense.

434 Peixoto Gomide
São Paulo

Overheard by: English Teacher #2

She Doesn’t Need to Work, but She’s in It for the SWAG

Supervisor: I have to clean this place up today before one of the company reps shows up!
Worker: Are they bringing us some squishy balls?!
Supervisor: No… Oh, not that kind of rep — this guy is from one of the companies that pays us.
Worker: What? Are they at least bringing some candy? Candy! Candy! Candy! Yay, candy!

University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Overheard by: Rasputin

Their Business Model Is Predicated on It

Customer on phone: The plug won’t fit!
IA rep: It’s okay, sir. I just need to confirm that the first device plugged into our router is either a firewall or a computer.
Customer on phone: They… They just won’t connect!
IA rep: We’re looking for an Ethernet line. Is there an Ethernet line coming out of the router? Make sure not to plug or unplug anything. It will take down your voice, too.
Customer on phone: It’s some telephone thingy… Oh, wait! This cord might work– [click].
IA rep: We got another one.

4800 Concentric Boulevard
Saginaw, Michigan

James Gets Empowered by Assertiveness Training

Mid-life crisis coworker: Hi, this is James*. You remember me? Good. Well, I was just calling to tell you that there’s lettuce on my bagel, and I ordered no lettuce, no tomato, and this is the third time this has happened. You guys make great food, but this is unacceptable and I thought you should be aware of your error.

Owings Mills, Maryland

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