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I Suppose I Could Have Tested Each One, But…

Newbie walking over to Poland Spring water machine: You know, I’ve never known which one of these is colder.
Boss: What you mean?
Newbie: I’ve never been sure if the red tab gives you colder water than the blue tab.
Boss: [Stares.]Newbie: Do you know?
Boss: Yeah. It’s the blue tab.
Newbie: Are you sure?
Boss: [Walks away.]

31 West Grove Street
Middleboro, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Ryan Engley

Betty: Yet Another Ingenious Excuse to Get Out of Working

Tech guy: Yeah, Betty* left a Post-it at my desk because her computer was broken — it wouldn’t turn on, but then when I got there it seemed to be fine.
HR rep: Oh, she actually came to me about it so I just left the Post-it for her just in case, but I’m pretty sure the reason it wouldn’t turn on was because she was pressing the big round Dell symbol instead of the start button.

5700 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

Overheard by: I can turn on my computer

Could You Be Any Less Supportive?

Blonde in scrubs: When people around me are sick and won’t stay home I’m not coming to work.
Redhead in scrub: You are a nurse.
Blonde in scrubs: I hate having sick people around me.
Redhead in scrubs: You are a nurse.
Blonde in scrubs: If a person is sick they should stay at home.
Redhead in scrubs: This is a hospital.

1100 Marshall Street
Little Rock, Arkansas