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I Sup­pose I Could Have Test­ed Each One, But…

New­bie walk­ing over to Poland Spring wa­ter ma­chine: You know, I’ve nev­er known which one of these is cold­er.
Boss: What you mean?
New­bie: I’ve nev­er been sure if the red tab gives you cold­er wa­ter than the blue tab.
Boss: [Stares.]Newbie: Do you know?
Boss: Yeah. It’s the blue tab.
New­bie: Are you sure?
Boss: [Walks away.]

31 West Grove Street
Mid­dle­boro, Mass­a­chu­setts

Over­heard by: Ryan En­g­ley

Bet­ty: Yet An­oth­er In­ge­nious Ex­cuse to Get Out of Work­ing

Tech guy: Yeah, Bet­ty* left a Post-it at my desk be­cause her com­put­er was bro­ken — it would­n’t turn on, but then when I got there it seemed to be fine.
HR rep: Oh, she ac­tu­al­ly came to me about it so I just left the Post-it for her just in case, but I’m pret­ty sure the rea­son it would­n’t turn on was be­cause she was press­ing the big round Dell sym­bol in­stead of the start but­ton.

5700 Wilshire Boule­vard
Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: I can turn on my com­put­er

Could You Be Any Less Sup­port­ive?

Blonde in scrubs: When peo­ple around me are sick and won’t stay home I’m not com­ing to work.
Red­head in scrub: You are a nurse.
Blonde in scrubs: I hate hav­ing sick peo­ple around me.
Red­head in scrubs: You are a nurse.
Blonde in scrubs: If a per­son is sick they should stay at home.
Red­head in scrubs: This is a hos­pi­tal.

1100 Mar­shall Street
Lit­tle Rock, Arkansas