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There’s a Lot to Fear at Blair Witch Manufacturing

Office chick #1: I’m scared of the men’s room. I think it’s the urinal…
Office chick #2: I’m scared of that little thing in the men’s room.
Office chick #1: What little thing?
Office chick #2: You know — that little wooden thing. It used to be in our bathroom… It looks like a little totem pole.

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Or Be in Charge of Re-Filling the Milk Pitcher

Female coworker: Do you think you can have your nipples removed? I mean, I would never do it, but for a man? He doesn’t need them. They don’t breastfeed, so they’re totally useless. I would be disturbed if I ever saw a man lactating… Yeah, this is why I shouldn’t think.

Doughnut shop
Quincy, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Disturbed Coworker