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I Always Fall for That One

ER nurse #1: No, she wouldn’t let us. I’ve been trying for 20 minutes.
ER doctor: Well, then she needs to understand that we can’t establish the assault if we can’t get to the evidence.
ER nurse #1: I don’t think she cares. I mean, she wanted me to smell her underwear!
ER nurse #2: What? Did you?
ER nurse #1: Yeah. It didn’t help.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Overheard by: TK

Plus, I’m a Cat Owner, If You Follow Me

Receptionist #1: Oh we’re sorry.
Male customer, trying to pick up his cat from the vet: What?
Receptionist #1: We were talking about personal stuff.
Receptionist #2: Yeah, aren’t we typical women? Talking about guys?
Male customer: Well, to be honest, like a typical guy, I wasn’t paying attention.

Magazine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

Stairs Go Up?

Large male peon: Oh, I usually take the stairs. Do you mind if we take the stairs?
Large lady peon: Yeah, no-no-no. That’s absolutely fine. I take the stairs all the time. Absolutely. So long as it isn’t up.

Opperman Drive
Eagan, Minnesota

Overheard by: I’m taking the elevator