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This Is Ac­tu­al­ly a Great Segue to Your Fir­ing

Man­ag­er: At this point we’re on­ly hir­ing servers who I know will do a re­al­ly great job.
Wait­ress #1, with a wink: That’s why I was hired, right? ‘Cause you knew I’d do an awe­some job?
Man­ag­er: Yes.
Wait­ress #2: I think I was hired be­cause the re­gion­al man­ag­er liked me.
Man­ag­er: No, you were hired be­cause the restau­rant had just opened and we would have hired any­body.

Pep­pers Fer­ry Road
Chris­tians­burg, Vir­ginia

You Re­al­ly Don’t Need a Mon­ster Truck in the City

Of­fice pe­on #1: I went to see mon­ster trucks.
Of­fice pe­on #2: I can’t see you watch­ing mon­ster trucks.
Of­fice pe­on #1: It was so dis­ap­point­ing. You think there’s go­ing to be all this de­struc­tion, but it’s re­al­ly just a lot of smoke and noise. A flam­ing man did fall from the ceil­ing, though. That was pret­ty cool.

90 5th Av­enue
New York, New York

The Guilt Trip to Boun­ti­ful

Boss: When, in the course of your life, you are trav­el­ing to the right you will find that you must take the toll road and pay your dues. There is no free road to the right.
Em­ploy­ee: Uh… Can I have my dough­nut now?

Boun­ti­ful, Utah

Over­heard by: tkt

Army Re­cruiters Are Born, Not Made

Lit­tle kid: Hey, you want to come to my birth­day par­ty? It’s all about hunt­ing and killing and stuff.
TA: Um, I’ll think about it.
Lit­tle kid: Lis­ten, your mom is­n’t your boss any­more.

Sher­wood Street
Mis­soula, Mon­tana

Over­heard by: Casey

So How Old Are You, Los­er-Boy?

Drone #1: Hey, where were you Sat­ur­day night? The ladies were all up on this.
Drone #2: I went to a birth­day par­ty.
Drone #1: Hehe­he­he… What a dumb waste of time. Whose birth­day par­ty was it?
Drone #2: Mine.
Drone #1: Oh… Hap­py birth­day.

377 South Oys­ter Bay Road
Plain­view, New York

Over­heard by: tonyg