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Inconvenient, but True

Chick: I can’t pee when the janitor is in there.
Dude: What, it throws you off? Try peeing while Al Gore is peeing right next to you on his phone. I usually just turn around and walk right back out.

King Street
San Francisco, California

Overheard by: misnomer

What’s Sweeter Than Getting Paid Not to Work?

Early bird #1: Our system is down.
Early bird #2: Crap. Well, that’s okay. I really didn’t feel like doing anything today, anyway.
Early bird #1: I guess maybe around eight someone in corporate will come in and get us rollin’.
Early bird #2: I don’t think they get in until 8:45.
Early bird #1: I guess we just hang out, then!
Early bird #2, going to cubicle: Actually, it’s Friday, so we probably won’t hear anything from corporate until after nine… At least we have the Internet! Wait! Oh my god, do we have the Internet?!
Early bird #1: Yup, already checked. Internet is up!
Early bird #2: We’re good, then.

8220 England Street
Charlotte, North Carolina

Now I Might Actually Have to Talk to Him!

Bimbette: I need a shorter stud for my Monroe piercing ’cause I can’t go down on my boyfriend. And… I like to do that.
Piercer: That sucks for both of you then, because you can’t have a shorter stud in yet.
Bimbette: I can’t suck dick! [Her mom leaves the store.] 

Lake Forest, California

Overheard by: indigo_dream