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My God, They Could Breed!

En­gi­neer #1: What’s up? Where have you been the last cou­ple of days?
En­gi­neer #2: I threw my back out from wear­ing ar­mor all day Sun­day.
En­gi­neer #1: Bum­mer. Plate mail is tough on your back. I usu­al­ly wear a heat­ing pad un­der it.

Com­mer­cial Street
Man­ches­ter, New Hamp­shire

I Give Them a Year, Tops

Di­rec­tor of sales and mar­ket­ing ba­by-talk­ing and hug­ging his iBook: Some day you’re go­ing to be a di­nosaur and no one is go­ing to like you! But not me! No, I love you, lit­tle iBook.

401 West Claren­don Av­enue
Phoenix, Ari­zona

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