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3PM Smoke Break

Co-worker: Do you want to tell them the truth?
Boss: What’s the truth?
Co-worker: The truth is that you can’t go and I don’t feel like it.
Boss: So you want to tell them that?
Co-worker: Yeah.
Boss: Do you want to tell them the truth or the enchanced version of the truth?

100 Chesley Drive
Media, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: Back Office Peon

5PM That’s a Wrap

Cube #1: It’s so cloudy out today; is there an Armageddon scheduled that I didn’t know about?
Cube #2: I think it’s supposed to rain.
Cube #1: Well, since you’re closest to the window it’s your responsibility to inform the rest of us if the rain contains a plague of locusts. Tough break, but that’s the responsibility that comes with good cubicle location.

1944 East Sky Harbor Circle
Phoenix, Arizona

4PM Review Mock-up Day Planners

Co-worker #1: Oh my gosh! They didn’t give us a September 31 this year!
Co-worker #2: What?
Co-worker #1: I’m serious! Look! What is this? Some sort of reverse leap year thing?
Co-worker #2: Yes, that’s exactly what this is. A reverse leap year.
Co-worker #1: Oh that’s so sad, you know, for all the kids whose birthdays are on the 31st.
Co-worker #2: You’re fucking brilliant.

2900 31st Street
Santa Monica, California