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2PM Client Meeting

Lawyer on phone: I don’t care what you want to do, just file the fucking report! Shut the fuck up and file the fucking thing!
Client: Yikes.
Secretary: He’s yelling at his other secretary.
Client: …Yeah, but–
Lawyer: I said file the fucking thing!
Secretary: It’s okay. She’s also his wife.

430 West First Street
New Albany, Indiana

1PM Lunch

Writer: What the heck is going on with you?
Designer: Why?
Writer: Because I messaged you like three times.
Designer: Oh. I didn’t see it.
Writer: Thank god I wasn’t sending you my suicide note.
Designer: You would do that through Yahoo!?
Writer: I don’t know. Maybe. Is it too informal?
Designer: Kind of. I mean like print it out or something. Then somebody could drop it in my box.
Writer: What font would I even use?

16430 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona

Overheard by: Miel

10AM Client Meeting

Producer: So, here is everything you need for the meeting.
Account Person: Okay. Did you get a chance to make the changes we talked about?
Produer: What changes?
Account Person: The changes that were brought up in the call. I talked about them in the conference wrap-up email.
Producer: I didn’t get a conference wrap-up email.
Account Person: Well I know, I didn’t send it to you yet.

466 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY